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Flowers for Africa: Rwanda

Kapwani Kiwanga
Flowers for Africa: Rwanda, 2019
Support structure, wood, water tanks, eucalyptus, protocol of assembly, and display including archival iconography to guide the reconstruction of a sculptural arrangement consisting of foliage
Work: 600 x 800 x 140 cm

In her ongoing project, Flowers for Africa, Kapwani Kiwanga researches archival imagery relating to African independence, before consulting with florists to re-create flower arrangements found therein. Initially fresh, the flowers and foliage are left to run the course of their transient cycle and wilt and dry. In Kiwanga’s own words: ‘Just as the enthusiasm present during the period of independence has faded, pan-African dreams have been eclipsed by the everyday difficulties of the average African citizens.’ Rather like the process of storytelling, the past is momentarily brought back to life for consideration.