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Subduction Study #4

Kapwani Kiwanga
Subduction Study #4, 2017
Folded pigment prints on paper 285g
Frame: 71 x 79 x 3 cm

This series of photographic assemblages refer to subduction zones; a geological term which defines the process in which one tectonic plate moves under another before sinking into the mantle as the plates converge. These zones have high rates of earthquakes, volcanism and mountain formations. In this series two photographs taken from rocks in the collection of Paris’ Natural History Museum are placed in relation to one another. One image depicts a rock from the European side of the strait of Gibraltar, while the other belongs to an African country on the Mediterranean shore. As such this project speaks of the probable future collision of the African and European continents at and around the Strait of Gibraltar. The work thus proposes anew continental configuration; a new territory