Haroon Gunn-Salie is named winner of the 2018 FNB Art Prize and shows an extension of the 'Senzenina' project at the FNB Joburg Art Fair

As winner of the 2018 FNB Art Prize, Gunn-Salie realises an extension of his ongoing Senzenina project in the form of a site-specific installation at the Sandton Convention Center. Titled Senzenina – Reflection Space, the installation takes the form of a sparsely lit and acoustically treated booth. Within the booth, three benches are laid out in pews as an immersive 7.2-channel surround-soundscape transports viewers to the fateful day of the massacre through a schematic recreation of the scene from archival audio. The soundtrack itself includes calls for the mineworkers to disassemble peacefully, as the fortification of the surrounding area and entrapment of the workers by police can be heard beside the singing of an anti-apartheid freedom song lamented by the mineworkers moments before live ammunition was discharged. Altogether the audio-loop lasts 14-minutes, ending with a minute of silence and as the work’s title suggests: reflection.