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Donna Huanca | HAYUMARCA OJOS | Viewing room | 2023

26 January - 04 March 2023
Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg

I want the experience of my work to create a surreal moment similar to a hallucination - Donna Huanca

Goodman Gallery presents HAYUMARCA OJOS, a selection of new immersive paintings and sculptures by Donna Huanca, marking the American artist’s first exhibition on the African continent.

HAYUMARCA OJOS presents a tension between layering and concealment, suggested by the exhibition title, which joins together Hayumarca, the Quechuan name of an archaeological site discovered near Lake Titicaca on the border between present-day Peru and Bolivia, and “ojos” (“eyes” in Spanish). This combination reflects how Huanca uses language to sculpt new meanings.


Oil, sand on digital print on canvas 
Work: 220 x 180 cm
Oil, sand on digital print on canvas
Work: 220 x 180 cm
Oil, sand on steel and plastic
Work: 56 x 35 x 21 cm
Oil, sand on steel, plastic
Work: 50 x 37 x 22 cm