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Gerhard Marx / Transparent Territories

31 August - 04 October 2017

Goodman Gallery Johannesburg Viewing Room 31 August – 4 October 2017

In this dizzying series of maps for groundlessness, Gerhard Marx continues his investigations into the formal and fictive possibilities of perspective. Rupturing the flat surface of the map, he removes the illusion of solid ground and replaces it with a hovering, vertigo-inducing sense of uncertainty. The shape and notion of ‘the frame’ recurs in several mise-en-abyme sequences across the works. Stacked in recurring configurations, its rectangular form has been bent into a series of optical riddles or Escherian landscapes.

When Marx cuts into the map it is a violation – an act of violence against the institutions and processes of global modernity through which the world was filtered to him. That violence is present in the energy of dispersion, ruination and collapse that ripples through the fragmented surfaces of these works. But the story does not end there. Deconstruction is offset by the meditative, embodied practice of reconstitution. In constructing his drawings from the ‘found lines’ of decommissioned and discarded maps, Marx displaces the scientific authority of cartography with the subjective impulse of calligraphy.


Cut and Reconstituted Map Fragments on Acrylic ground and canvass
Cut and Reconstituted Map fragments on canvas and acrylic ground
240 x180cm
Cut and Reconstituted Map Fragments on Acrylic ground and canvas
Work: 50 x 50 cm