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Reza Farkhondeh & Ghada Amer

Selected Artworks

Watercolor and embroidery on paper
Work: 45.7 x 60.3 cm
Watercolor, collage and embroidery on paper
Work: 27.9 x 35.6 cm
silkscreen on pigment stained STPI handmade cotton paper
Work: 105.4 x 128.3 cm
Acrylic, pencil, and embroidery on paper
Work: 130.8 x 191.8 cm
Watercolour and embroidery on paper
130.8 x 209.6 cm
Lithograph and silkscreen on pigment stained STPI handmade cotton paper
Work: 102.23  x 128.27 cm
Acrylic, tape and colored pencil on pellon
Work: 90.2 x 109.2 cm Frame: 102.5 x 120.5 x 4.5 cm
Acrylic on pellon
Work: 114.6 x 97.2 cm Frame: 126.5 x 109.5 x 4.5 cm
Acrylic, tape, fabric on pellon
Work: 98.4 x 118.7 cm Frame: 110.5 x 131 x 4.5 cm
Acrylic, gesso and embroidery on pellon
Work: 65.7 x 52.7 cm Frame: 77.5 x 52 x 4.5 cm
Watercolor, stickers and embroidery on paper
Work: 45.7 x 57.8 cm


Reza Farkhondeh & Ghada Amer image

Ghada Amer (b. 1963, Cairo, Egypt) and Reza Farkhondeh (b. 1963, Iran) have cultivated an artistic collaboration spanning over 20 years, though they have only recently begun to exhibit their collective works publicly, under the moniker RFGA. This partnership seamlessly merges their two distinctive styles to create a dynamic visual vocabulary.

Amer and Farkhondeh’s previous collaborative solo exhibitions include those at Tina Kim Fine Arts, New York, the Singapore Tyler Institute, The Stedlijk Museum in the Netherlands, Goodman Gallery Cape Town

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Cape Town Gallery - Greenpoint
16 February - 19 June 2022
Cape Town Gallery
18 January - 24 February 2018

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