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Walter Oltmann at Standard Bank Gallery

In the Weave, an exhibition of works by Walter Oltmann, one of South Africa’s finest and most intriguing artists, opens at the Standard Bank Gallery on 29 January 2014. Curated by Neil Dundas of the Goodman Gallery, In the Weave celebrates Oltmann’s output over the last three decades. It also explores his sources, inspirations and allusions to the exchange of concepts between cultures in southern Africa. The exhibition runs from 29 January to 29 March 2014.

Various Artists At Standard Bank Gallery

From Sitting to Selfie: 300 years of South African Portraits at Standard Bank Gallery in Johannesburg maps the long tradition of portraiture and its changing use and function in society. The exhibition, which opened to the public 25 June 2014, features work by Candice Breitz, Willem Boshoff, Hasan & Husain Essop, David Goldblatt, Haroon Gunn-Salie, Robert Hodgins, William Kentridge, Brett Murray, Walter Oltmann, Mikhael Subotzky, Minnette Vári and Diane Victor amongst others. From 19th century oil paintings to 21st century video installations, the exhibition raises many interesting questions about how and why people make portraits of themselves and others, and how the reasons for this have changed over time. The exhibition runs until 6 September 2014.

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