Selected Works

Walter Oltmann
Cradle IV (landscape), 2015
57 x 69cm
Walter Oltmann
In Amber, 2015
Colour Lithograph
35 x 42cm
Walter Oltmann
Chrysalis, 2007
240 x 74 x 50 cm
Walter Oltmann
Locust, 2004
Brass Wire
116 x 116 x 9 cm
Walter Oltmann
Bristle Suit II, 2009
Ink, bleach and crayon on paper
110 x 75 cm
Walter Oltmann
Bleeder, 2007
Ink on paper
210 x 100 cm
Walter Oltmann
Caterpillar Suit II, 2007
Aluminum wire
120 x 110 x 68 cm
Walter Oltmann
Armour, 2007
Aluminum and razor wire
120 x 170 x 40 cm
Walter Oltmann
Shoring, 2007
Aluminum wire and rocks
108 x 105 x 27 cm
Walter Oltmann
Coelecanth, 2009
Linocut on Hahnemuhle
paper 105 x 210 cm, image 85 x 180 cm
Walter Oltmann
Mother and child III, 2012
Aluminium wire
190 x 280cm
Walter Oltmann
Penumbra, 2012
Aluminium wire
115 x 117 cm
Walter Oltmann
Infant, 2013
Aluminium wire
Work: 170 x 172 cm
Walter Oltmann
Specimen, 2013
Ink, bleach and oil on paper
50 x 89cm
Walter Oltmann
Womb, 2013
Ink on paper
55 x 71.5cm
Walter Oltmann
Bristle Disguise II, 2014
Pen & ink and pencil on paper
65 x 50 cm
Walter Oltmann
Limbus, 2015
set of 9 x 1mm aluminium wire weavings
70 x 70cm each and Head 80 x 92 cm
Walter Oltmann
Cradle, 2015
Lithograph (TP from an edition of 35)
Work: 57 x 69 cm Frame: 68.5 x 80 x 4 cm
Walter Oltmann
Dandelions, 2016
aluminium wire
diameter 175 cm
Walter Oltmann
untitled (relief wall panel), 2016
silver anodised aluminium wire
120 x 125 cm
Walter Oltmann
Gombessa III (Study for Yellow Coelacanth), 2016
ink and acrylic on canvas
90 x 175 cm
Walter Oltmann
Sleeping Child, 2016
relief etching
57 x 54cm
Walter Oltmann
Copper Moth, 2017
Copper wire and canvas
Work: 39.5 x 53 cm
Walter Oltmann
Auric Suit, 2017
gold anodised aluminium wire
133 x 88 x 46 cm
Walter Oltmann
Coelacanth (2018), 2018
Aluminium wire
Work: 198 x 323 cm


Born in 1960 in Rustenburg, Gauteng, South Africa, Walter Oltmann’s main area of focus is sculpture, and more particularly in fabricating woven wire forms, which sometimes reference local craft traditions. He has researched and written on the use of wire in African material culture in this region and is deeply interested in the influence of these traditions in contemporary South African art. He has had numerous solo exhibitions with the Goodman Gallery, and has created several large-scale commissions for venues such as the Zeitz Sculpture Garden in Segera, Kenya.