Selected Works

Untitled, 2016
Gesso and tempera on canvas
182 x 244 cm
Untitled (mirror woman with plant) , 2016
Gouache on paper
42 x 30 cm
Untitled (standing woman with bookcase ), 2016
Gouache on paper
42 x 30 cm
Untitled xxxiii, (Well Worn 34), 2015
Ink on paper
29.7 x 42cm
Untitled xliii, (Well Worn 8), 2015
Ink on printed cotton
96 x 126.5cm
Untitled xlv, (Well Worn 10), 2015
Ink on printed cotton
60 x 80cm
Untitled xxxix, (Well Worn 3), 2015
Ink and gesso on primed canvas
122 x 102cm
Untitled xxxviii, (Well Worn 2), 2015
Ink and gesso on cotton
Work: 125 x 105 x 2.5 cm
Untitled vi (Cut your coat 2), 2014
Ink and flashe on primed polyurethane film
240 x 101.5cm
Untitled Viii (Cut your coat 1), 2014
Ink on primed polyurethane film
240 x 101.5cm
Untitled xl, 2014
Ink on cotton
100x 75 cm
Untitled (LBTTF004), 2012
Ink, water soluble crayon, acrylic and tempera on unprimed calico
125 x 95 x 2cm
Untitled (LBTTF006), 2012
Oil and oil pastel on rabbit skin glue sized linen
120 x 150.5 x 2cm
Studio Jungle, 2009
Ink On Linen
121,2 x 152,6 cm
Forever's Gonna Start Tonight, 2007
Bleach and dye on denim
122 x 152cm
Wilderness, 2005
Oil on canvas
183 x 244cm
Garden, 2005
Oil on canvas
183 x 173cm


Lisa Brice (b.1968, Cape Town, South Africa) negotiates the precarious terrain of artistic production, as she moves between practices of spontaneous drawing and figure painting. She makes use of unexpected painting and printing techniques on a variety of surfaces, which include canvas and tracing paper. For Brice, the act of tracing often leads her to a repetition of similar motifs or figures in her work, sometimes biographical, and at other times art historical: ‘I am attracted to the idea of repetition,’ Brice remarks, ‘Chasing that high, stories told and retold.’

In 2006 Brice had her first solo exhibition of paintings at Goodman Gallery Johannesburg, titled Night Vision, in which she reflected on the uncertainties of childhood. In 2009, a solo show, More Wood for the Fire, was presented at Goodman Gallery Johannesburg; the exhibition detailed Brice’s relationship with the island of Trinidad. In 2011, Brice’s work was included in the Vitamin P2 publication, Phaidon’s major anthology of international painting. In 2012, Brice presented a solo exhibition titled Throwing the Floor at Goodman Gallery in Cape Town. She has had subsequent shows at Goodman Gallery Johannesburg in 2015 titled Well Worn, and in June 2016 she was included on a show at Camden Art’s Centre in London Making & Unmaking curated by Duro Olowu. Brice had her first solo museum exhibition in the UK at the Tate Britain in 2018, where she exhibited large scale paintings which addressed the longstanding art-historical tradition of the female nude.

The artist lives and works in London, UK.