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Geers, Kentridge, Rezaire and Rose at Performa 2017

Four Goodman Gallery artists – Kendell Geers, William Kentridge, Tabita Rezaire and Tracey Rose – will take part in the New York City Biennial Performa 17 (1 – 19 November). As a newly commissioned work which draws its inspiration from Kurt Schwitters’ seminal sonic poem titled Ursonate, Kentridge’s performance at Performa 17 is strongly linked to his ongoing practice in which he responds to the legacies of colonialism and apartheid within the context of South Africa’s current socio-political landscape. Similarly, as a seminal figure in post-apartheid contemporary South African art working in a variety of media – including video, painterly and photographic mediums, and performance – Tracey Rose’s commissioned performance will act as a continuation of her practice and exploration into the intersections of race, gender and identity politics. Work by Kendell Geers can be seen in the Consortium Biennial Projects section of the event which is co-presented with White Box Arts Centre. Tabita Rezaire, alongside Richard Kennedy and SHYBOI,will participate in Performa’s AFTERHOURS programme organised in collaboration with New York-based feminist music booking agency DISCWOMAN.

Kendell Geers in group show connecting Berlin and Brussels

To celebrate 25 years of partnership between the cities of Brussels and Berlin, the cities are collaborating on a series of exhibitions, the first of which is titled Gemischte Gefühle (9 October – 9 November). Held in Berlin’s former Tempelhof Airport, the show includes young artists active in Brussels whose work explores how cultural identity can be re-thought under the current conditions of globalisation and migration. The curators intend for the exhibition to establish a space for intercultural border-crossing and intersections where critical impulses can be explored in order to abolish identity boundaries. The artworks from the artists which are on display underline the status of Brussels as an open centre for inter-cultural border-crossing and intersecting. A Berlin answer to Brussels is already in the making.

Kendell Geers participates in politically charged exhibition in Brussels

Alongside his heavy-weight contemporaries including ORLAN and Marina Abramovic & Ulay, Geers’ work is featured on the group exhibition, SUPERDEMOCRACY – The Senate of Things, at the Belgian Senate in Brussels (1 – 31 October). Organised by BOZAR in Brussels, the M HKA Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp in Antwerp and the BPS22 Musée d’art de la Province de Hainaut in Charleroi, the exhibition adds a cultural and artistic dimension to fifteen political issues currently being discussed in Belgian government. The exhibition intends to encourage audiences to discover, contemplate and participate within sociopolitical debate through observing the visual manifestations and relationships between the artworks and the country’s contemporary political climate.

Kendell Geers and Shirin Neshat on group show in Dublin

Geer’s Signs Taken for Wonders (102) and Neshat’s Guardians of Revolution (from the Women of Allah series) are included on a group show, How to Say It the Way It Is!, at the RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre (7 October – 2 December). Organised by Italian artist, Franko B, the exhibition features work that has either been commissioned or collected by the non-profit organisation, a/political. As a London-based NPO, the group often collaborates with socio-politically engaged and aware artists from across the globe.

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