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Kendell Geers on group shows at MOCA Toronto and White Box in New York

Kendell Geers’ neon sculpture, BELIEVE, features on the inaugural exhibition of the newly reopened MOCA Toronto (22 September – 6 January). Taking its title from the sculpture, the exhibition showcases 15 international artists whose work examine the beliefs & systems that inform our values, behaviour and the fundamental issues of our time. Concurrently at White Box gallery, Geers is on a group exhibition titled White Anxieties, which brings together work that looks at what haunts the conservative American psyche (21 September – 13 October). The exhibition features ‘depictions of an America that is less white, heterosexual, and male, where languages other than English are spoken, and where People of Colour can openly express their cultural traditions without accusations of not being ‘real Americans’.’

Kendell Geers artist talk at MAXXI Museum in Rome

As part of his involvement in the MAXXI Museum group exhibition Road to Justice, Kendell Geers will be in conversation with curator Hou Hanru (3 July). The conversation will be centered around Geers’ police baton sculptures, which questions the ethics around creating poetic and beautiful art in a post-apartheid society and as he explains, “cast into question the definition and limits of our geographical, linguistic, political, social, sexual, and psychological borders.”

Kendell Geers and Sue Williamson on new group exhibition at MAXXI in Rome

Geers’ T. W. Batons (Circle) and Sue Williamson’s It’s a pleasure to meet you…, feature on MAXXI’s latest group exhibition, Road to Justice (22 June – 14 October). Forming part of the museum’s major group show titled African Métropolis, an exhibition showcasing African art from its permanent collection and organised around the concept of the city, Road to Justice serves as an experimental curatorial project which looks at the social and political oppression and exploitation that has occurred and still takes place on the continent today. In presenting works by contemporary artists who attempt to recount these traumas and hardships, the exhibition asks whether or not reconciliation and healing is even possible.

Geers, Kentridge, Rezaire and Rose at Performa 2017

Four Goodman Gallery artists – Kendell Geers, William Kentridge, Tabita Rezaire and Tracey Rose – will take part in the New York City Biennial Performa 17 (1 – 19 November). As a newly commissioned work which draws its inspiration from Kurt Schwitters’ seminal sonic poem titled Ursonate, Kentridge’s performance at Performa 17 is strongly linked to his ongoing practice in which he responds to the legacies of colonialism and apartheid within the context of South Africa’s current socio-political landscape. Similarly, as a seminal figure in post-apartheid contemporary South African art working in a variety of media – including video, painterly and photographic mediums, and performance – Tracey Rose’s commissioned performance will act as a continuation of her practice and exploration into the intersections of race, gender and identity politics. Work by Kendell Geers can be seen in the Consortium Biennial Projects section of the event which is co-presented with White Box Arts Centre. Tabita Rezaire, alongside Richard Kennedy and SHYBOI,will participate in Performa’s AFTERHOURS programme organised in collaboration with New York-based feminist music booking agency DISCWOMAN.

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