Selected Works


Born 1970 in Dugny (Seine Saint-Denis), Kader Attia grew up in a Paris suburb where the graves of the French royal dynasties are to be found – an area which is also a hotspot of intercultural conflict. This has had a decisive impact on his work. Using his own identity which has been defined by several cultures as the starting point, he tackles the increasingly difficult relationship between Europe and immigrants, particularly those of Islamic faith. In doing so he does not allow himself to be tied down to one specific medium. His photographic work and films portray the smouldering conflicts arising from a history of French colonialism and are characterised by an exceptional attention to detail. The allegorical minimalism of his sculptures and installations are frequently unsettling owing to the discord between their external sensory appeal and their controversial content. Kader Attia was nominated for the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2005.