Selected Works

Parable, 2018
Elements variable. Potted Spathiphyllum plants, pedestals, and instructions with contract
Variable Dimensions
Gesture, 2007
Installation Includes: 2 sculptures, 2 stands, DVD, 2 drawings by Kentridge
Installation Variable
Invest in the immaterial, 2010
Neon sign
300cm wide / 80 x 550 x 9cm
Sign of The Times: Beware of falling stocks, 2009
92 x 68 cm
Punctuation, 2010
Oil on linen, French curve and ludo dot
Work: 30 x 39 Painting cm Variable Dimensions
Dangerous Liaison, 2010
Oil on canvas, horn ashtray and plastic tube
39.5 x 29.5 cm (painting)
Soapbox, 2003
Permanent interactive installation outside the South African National Gallery/IZIKO (SANG)


Born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Live and work in Florence, Italy
Rosenclaire’s collaborative work began in the mid 1980’s when they translocated from South Africa to Italy. Their artwork and teaching has always involved some form of political activism. Though very different in stylistic approach, their work shares the same concepts and common concerns. The collaborative work is generally context-specific.
Rosenclaire exhibitions are therefore works in themselves where they both respond to a central concern and the show as a whole is designed as a cohesive installation.
They join forces in order to creatively facilitate a discourse pertaining to a specific theme, place or situation that they are invited to participate in. This may be a curated show, a public sculpture or a pedagogic intervention. Exhibitions often contain a live feed that both references surveillance but at the same time renders the audience as subject and content of the work. The work is done specifically for the conceptual task at hand where, as artists, they regain control and responsibility for generating a specific dialogue with both the art world and general public. An important permanent interactive installation called ‘Soapboxes’ of theirs, sits outside the South African National Gallery/IZIKO (SANG).