From Termiteria- diptych

Jeremy Wafer
From Termiteria- diptych, 2013
Digital prints
Image each: 70 x 80 cm

Working across sculpture, photography, video and drawing, Wafer explores the politics and poetics of place and mapping. Rooted in South Africa’s social, cultural and political geography, his work engages issues of land and territory, particularly themes of location, dislocation, possession and dispossession. Termiteria is a set of black and white photographs of mound structures and insect dwellings. The work is reflective of Wafer’s interest in land as a political entity that bears the marks of history. Engaging in a minimalist language, Wafer uses the formal elements of size, scale, orientation and texture to point to aspects of both physical and psychological presence. Reflecting on his practise in relation to form, Wafer notes; “While the works generally use a language of formal reduction my intention is that they engage with the specificity of individual experience. The works articulate with my own relation to specific places and times which have particular resonance as constituents of my inner imaginative and cognitive landscape.”