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Umphanga Wesilokazi Sasentlango

Nicholas Hlobo
Umphanga Wesilokazi Sasentlango, 2020
Ribbons and leather Belgian Linen
Work: 160 x 250 x 14 cm

In Umphanga Wesilokazi Sasentlango, Hlobo uses ribbons and leather on Belgian linen to create organic forms. The work indicates what the artist considers a “slipperiness” to the artmaking process — referencing the aspect of his practice that is formulated on the unconscious. The gestural and free-flowing arrangement of ribbon draws attention to Hlobo’s interest and fascination with water as a source that allows energy to flow. He explains; "Water is central to our existence and everything we are. We are constantly flowing through it.” Within his practice, Hlobo seeks to capture a feeling (or a thought) which is then illustrated through abstracted forms. Specifically, his work is imbued with meaning through the specific choices of material that have resonance to him — such as leather, copper, bronze and ribbons.