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Naama Tsabar
Transition, 2016
Wood, canvas, cables, disassembled Galaxy Audio PA6BT Hot Spot powered speaker: knobs, wires, circuit board, ports, speaker
Work: 130.8 x 153 x 16.5 cm

In this body of work, Naama Tsabar empties out the inside components of guitar amplifiers and stage monitors. She then reconfigures and reinserts the elements onto linen canvasses as visual components. By puncturing wires through the fabric, Tsabar creates a new compositional language. Each canvas is activated when connected to power, retaining the function of a musical instrument through the production of a set sound. The dual existence of the works (both sonic and visual) are essential to their reading —which is continuously shifting in a state of transition through a multiplicity in sound and gestures.