The bad guys and the good guys

Kiluanji Kia Henda
The bad guys and the good guys, 2010-2016
10 silkscreen prints
Work (each): 70 x 100  cm

The Bad Guys and the Good Guys consists of a series of ten monochromatic silkscreen prints that trace a narrative about the influence of the Cold War in Africa. The title of the work and the printed subtitles on the screen prints were appropriated from the documentary Cold War Stories, produced in 1997 by the CNN’s founder Ted Turner. In one of the chapters of the documentary, prominent political and military figures of the two major world superpowers during the Cold War, United States and the former Soviet Union – and also from countries such as Cuba and South Africa – provide a testimony about their involvement in the long civil war in Angola. The perverse attempt to omit the secret and sinister intrusion of the international community in the Angolan civil war often boils down its causes to a mere tribal conflict.