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Spirit is a bone - Series 3

Broomberg & Chanarin
Spirit is a bone - Series 3, 2013
Glass, paint, C-type print, string
Variable Dimensions

Broomberg and Chanarin’s series of portraits, 'Spirit is a Bone' (2013), were created by a facial recognition system recently developed in Moscow for public security and border control surveillance. These portraits are the product of a system designed for facial recognition purposes in public areas. What is significant about this camera is that it is designed to make portraits without the co-operation of the subject; four lenses operating in tandem to generate a full frontal image of the face, ostensibly looking directly into the camera, even if the subject himself is unaware of being photographed. Co-opting this device, Broomberg & Chanarin have constructed their own taxonomy of portraits in contemporary Russia. 104 Unique prints from a series of 10 different editions Contains: The Bricklayer The Gas Man The Middle Class Woman The Dadaist The City Dweller The Industrialist The Wife of a Writer The Carpenter The Industrialist's Wife The Doctor The Nun The Painter The Real Estate Agent