Esquirlas / Splinters (I)

Carlos Garaicoa
Esquirlas / Splinters (I), 2019
Digital printing on gesso and aluminum
Work: 60 x 80 x 2.5 cm

Garaicoa’s understanding of transitions and the multiplicity of place is reflected in works such as Esquirlas/Splinters. The series of photographs sourced from his archive were taken during his trip to Angola in 1996. The work proposes an archaeology of the Cuito-Menongue road, which served as a road for transporting military supplies and contributed to keeping an active first line of battle, during the Angolan war. The route along the Cuito-Menongue road consisted of abandoned war materials exposing the structures and genealogies associated with war together with geopolitics that caused them. Printed on metal in irregular shapes that seem to fly in the air, the photographs explore the idea of fragments that come to us in the form of memory, narrating stories that seem lost in time.