Action (Large Glyph)

William Kentridge
Action (Large Glyph), 2019
Work: 350 x 190 x 280 cm

In its original incarnation, William Kentridge’s Lexicon  is a series of 44 small scale bronzes created by the artist in 2017. The series is an accumulation of elemental symbols within his larger practice.  This sculptural vocabulary is comprised of the icons, ubiquitous in Kentridge's creations, which are dispersed throughout all of the media in which he works. Kentridge has chosen just three of the original set of 44 to translate into bronzes on a monumental scale, each standing 3.5 metres high. These bronzes are to be shown for the first time in his forthcoming solo exhibtion, at the Norval Foundation in Cape Town, which opens in late August 2019.