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The Heart

Ghada Amer
The Heart, 2012
Stainless steel
Work: 85.7 x 107.3 x 83.8 cm

Ghada Amer is a multimedia artist whose body of work is anchored and informed by ongoing ideological and aesthetic concerns: the submission of women to the tyranny of domestic life, the celebration of female sexuality and pleasure, the incomprehensibility of love, the foolishness of war and violence, and an overall quest for formal beauty, constitute the territory that she explores and expresses in her artistic practice. Amer's sculptures propose different ways in which the manipulation of line, shape, and colour can yield an infinite range of compositional and design effects, even within the limitations of a globular form. The women depicted in Amer's sculptures and paintings are not victims, rather, they pose self-confidently, giving their viewers a challenging look. Nudity never makes Ghada Amer’s figures seem vulnerable or shameful, in Amer’s practice, regardless of the medium, style and political demands, her figures assert themselves. With her images of self-confident women, Amer opposes institutionalised sexism.