Other People Think

Alfredo Jaar
Other People Think, 2012
Lightbox with black and white transparency
Work: 152 x 152 cm

Other People Think is a homage by Jaar to John Cage, created in 2012 on the occasion of Cage’s Centennial. Written in 1927, “Other People Think” is one of Cage’s earliest writings, delivered by him at the Hollywood Bowl where, then a student at Los Angeles High School, he won the Southern California Oratorical Contest. Although Cage was only 15 years old at the time, his essay frames a bold critique and portentous analysis of North and South American relations and continues to have incredible resonance and relevance to contemporary culture and politics. As a Chilean artist living in the United States 85 years later, Jaar still works with the imbalances of this historically stagnant relationship. Reintroducing this acute text to today’s audience, Jaar hopes to bring Cage’s teachings back to light.