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Nolan Oswald Dennis's site-specific work 'a recurse 4 [3] worlds' at Kunsthalle Basel

Nolan Oswald Dennis presents a monumental, site-specific artwork extending across the back wall of Kunsthalle Basel. The project employs mathematical abstractions, eclipse diagrams, African fractal geometry, and other representational models to chart systems, logics, and metahistories.

This new work aims to create an aggregate of multiple interrelated worlds. In it, the Sahara is represented through repeating patterns and serves to illustrate how the temporal and spatial African-European historical continuum has been repeatedly disrupted. Within this sprawling diagrammatic framework, the artist attempts to deconstruct anti-Black worlds through conceptual contaminations and reversals, with all their political, spiritual, and technical implications: here the South is up, and the North is down, sub-Saharan and supra-Saharan regions are inverted, while past, present, and future collide.

On view until 11 August 2024