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Kentridge and Miller open Florence festival

The seventh edition of the Florence Contemporary Sounds (the Firenze Suona Contemporanea) festival opens with a premiere by William Kentridge and Philip Miller. They will present their collaboration in the courtyard of the National Museum of the Bargello on September 11. This is the latest project in an ongoing collaboration, dating back to 1993, between Kentridge and Miller. Paper Music features a selection of films by Kentridge with music by Miller, including three that were presented at the dOCUMENTA (13) exhibition as part of The Refusal of Time installation. The work runs in Florence until September 21.

William Kentridge / Franz Schubert’s Winterreise at Festival d’Aix-en-Provence

William Kentridge’s Winterreise premiered Wiener Festwochen in Vienna June 2014, this was followed by several performances at the Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam can be seen at the Festival d’Aix en Provence until 17 July 2014. William Kentridge has created twenty-four animated films as a visual response to Franz Schubert’s famous twenty-four song cycle The Winterreise. This profoundly introspective song cycle depicts the wanderings of a spurned lover in a landscape of snow and ice, eventually descending to metaphysical depths as the winter journey ends in the presence of an old organ grinder. The South African artist William Kentridge has created his own imaginary visual journey with videos incorporating his signature animations, montages and collages, forming a poetic counterpoint to the interpretation of this masterpiece by the pianist Markus Hinterhäuser and eminent Lieder singer, baritone Matthias Goerne.

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William Kentridge / The Refusal of Time and Other Faces

The Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA) will host an exhibition of William Kentridge’s work from 18 June to 14 September 2014. Two works will be on display at EMMA: The Refusal of Time , a five-channel video installation that had its world premiere at documenta in Kassel in 2012; and Other Faces from 2011, an animation that belongs to EMMA’s collections (The Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection).
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Kentridge in Johannesburg

William Kentridge opens three exhibitions in Johannesburg in November. From 15 November the Goodman Gallery will exhibit his landscape drawings on the pages of Johannesburg mine ledger books from the early 1900s in the series Drawings: East Rand Proprietary Mines Cash Book. From 9 November the Johannesburg Art Gallery will exhibit the installation The Refusal of Time, a collaboration with Philip Miller, Catherine Meyburgh and Peter Galison, an American historian of science. From November 18 the Wits Art Museum will exhibit Kentridge’s Tapestries in collaboration with the Marguerite Stephens Tapestry Studio. The season of three exhibitions will be accompanied by the launch of three books by Kentridge and collaborators:Accounts and Drawings from Underground: East Rand Propriety Mines Cash Book, 1908 (Seagull Books) with a text by Rosalind C Morris; Six Drawing Lessons (Harvard University Press) and Second-hand Reading (Fourthwall).

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William Kentridge / Sunday Times / South Africa / 19 October 2014

The time traveller's life by Oliver Roberts (778.9 KB)

William Kentridge / Beeld / South Africa / 14 October 2014

Kentridge Kom Wys Werke by Anel Viktor (183.5 KB)

William Kentridge / The Art Newspaper / London / 10 October 2014

The sun never sets on William Kentridge. By Charlotte Burns (121.8 KB)

William Kentridge / The Washington Post / Washington D.C / 27 September 2014

In the galleries: A look at apartheid’s cruel costs by Mark Jenkins (497.9 KB)

William Kentridge / Interview with Hinterhauser and Goerne / 8 June 2014

The Winterreise that was somewhere in me all these years (277.5 KB)

William Kentridge / Artforum / New York / January 2014

Whichever Page you Open by Joseph Leo Koerner & Margaret Koster Koerner (395.9 KB)

William Kentridge / Financial Mail / South Africa / 16 April 2014

William Kentridge, A Famous Artist by Sean O'Toole (216.7 KB)

William Kentridge / India Times / Mumbai / 1 February 2013

William Kentridge's Artwork Comes to India By IndiaTimes (57.4 KB) William Kentridge's Artwork Comes to India By India Times (60.9 KB)

William Kentridge / Marie Claire Magazine / South Africa / 10 January 2013

William Kentridge's 'No, It Is' at the Goodman Gallery by Chisanga Mukuka (489 KB)

In Context / The Star / Johannesburg / South Africa / 20 May 2010

A nose and a box to draw art lovers by Ufrieda Ho (3.3 MB)

William Kentridge / Art Forum / New York / Summer 2012

Dialectic of Enlightenment by Rosalind E. Krauss (454.8 KB)

William Kentridge / The New York Review of Books / New York / 30 June 2012

Death, Time, Soup A conversation with William Kentridge and Peter Galison by Margaret K Koerner (617.2 KB)

William Kentridge / Art Southafrica / South Africa / 20 September 2011

Refuse the hour by Angela Breidbach (3.1 MB)

William Kentridge / Mail & Guardian / Johannesburg / 26 August 2011

Dancing around convention by Emma Laurence (179 KB)

William Kentridge / The New York Times / New York / 22 February 2010

William Kentridge (124 KB)

William Kentridge / Frieze / June / July / August 2010

The Nose by Leora Maltz-leca (1.8 MB)

William Kentridge / Jeu De Paume / Paris / 29 June - 5 September 2010

Five themes by Denis Hirson (3.1 MB)

William Kentridge / Mail & Guardian / Johannesburg / 7 August 2010

Message on a bottle by Tim James (2.4 MB)

William Kentridge / The New York Times / 10 August 2010

Two Kentridge Shows come to Paris by Aidan Mac Guill (221.4 KB)

William Kentridge / Business Art / July 2010

William Kentridge wins the coverted kyoto prize (1 MB)

William Kentridge / Business Day WANTED / September 2009

Weaving the Crusader Tale by Emma Jordan (5.2 MB)
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