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Tracey Rose at the 5th Biennale of Lubumbashi in the DRC

Work by Tracey Rose is exhibited on the 5th Biennale of Lubumbashi hosted by the Picha Art Center in Lubumbashi (10 – 12 November). In exhibiting an array of artworks – from photography, to video art and interactive pieces, to performances and installations, as well as sculpture and painting – this year’s edition of the Biennale questions the creative ways that people find to face visible and invisible forces, the symbolic, the imaginary, the mental or characters and things that govern the world. Through featuring international artists, with their heterogeneous styles, the curatorial intent of the Biennale is to reflect the reality of current artistic creation, both in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and all over the world; generating dialogues between artists from different geopolitical horizons.

Geers, Kentridge, Rezaire and Rose at Performa 2017

Four Goodman Gallery artists – Kendell Geers, William Kentridge, Tabita Rezaire and Tracey Rose – will take part in the New York City Biennial Performa 17 (1 – 19 November). As a newly commissioned work which draws its inspiration from Kurt Schwitters’ seminal sonic poem titled Ursonate, Kentridge’s performance at Performa 17 is strongly linked to his ongoing practice in which he responds to the legacies of colonialism and apartheid within the context of South Africa’s current socio-political landscape. Similarly, as a seminal figure in post-apartheid contemporary South African art working in a variety of media – including video, painterly and photographic mediums, and performance – Tracey Rose’s commissioned performance will act as a continuation of her practice and exploration into the intersections of race, gender and identity politics. Work by Kendell Geers can be seen in the Consortium Biennial Projects section of the event which is co-presented with White Box Arts Centre. Tabita Rezaire, alongside Richard Kennedy and SHYBOI,will participate in Performa’s AFTERHOURS programme organised in collaboration with New York-based feminist music booking agency DISCWOMAN.

Tracey Rose on curatorial research project in Hamburg

Work by Rose form part of the Theater Kampnagel’s curatorial research and exhibition project, THAT, AROUND WHICH THE UNIVERSE REVOLVES, in Hamburg (19 – 21 October). The project brings visual artists, city planners, photographers, performers and theoreticians together to explore the interrelationship between space and time, memory, architecture and city planning.

Samson Kambalu and Tracey Rose in Sydney

Kambalu and Rose are included in The Public Body .02 (28 July – 2 October) at Art Space in Sydney, Australia. It is the second in a three-part series of exhibitions over three years exploring various facets of the notion of the public body. This edition highlights a range of practices embedded in feminist, queer and anti-racist subjectivities, and concerned with revisioning certain biased histories of representation. It brings together the work of over 40 artists and collectives from the 1970s to the present, integrating the archival and the contemporary to draw connections between works across decades.

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