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Tracey Rose heads up an educational residency programme in Senegal

The RAW Material Company, in Dakar, has invited Tracey Rose to facilitate and lead the fourth session of their RAW Académie residency programme (26 March – 11 May). Each session of the residency is often directed and facilitated by a leading art practitioner who has demonstrated an “off-the-beaten-track” practice and relationship towards contemporary art and curatorial practices. Under the theme of “Corpus Callosum”, Rose’s session investigates a diverse range of issues regarding the body politic, gender, the formal nature of mediums of documentation and their problematics, coloniality and racial politics, Performance art and the spirit.

Tracey Rose on a group show in San Antonio, Texas

Work by Tracey Rose is featured on the Linda Pace Foundation’s group exhibition, Reclaimed, showcasing 25 monochromatic works by some of the most influential contemporary female artists working today (9 March – 26 January). As its title implies, the exhibition addresses the concept of ownership – both literally and figuratively – and the notion of “reclaiming” what belongs to a person and their communities, from their lands and governments to their physical bodies and basic human rights. Drawn from the Foundation’s collection, the exhibition serves as a departure from the institution’s typical spotlight on experimental and new media works, and provides insight into the depth and variedness of its permanent collection.

Tracey Rose collaborates with Moya Michael for a performance work in Johannesburg

As part of the Umbrella Dance Festival 2018, Tracey Roses collaborates with fellow performance artist, Moya Michael on a performance work – titled Coloured Swans – organised and circulated by the Wits Downstairs Theatre (8 – 9 March). In the performance, the two artists explore common visual images that will reflect their histories and where they are today.

Tracey Rose performs at SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin

As part of SAVVY Contemporary’s Speaking Feminisms series – which attempts to reflect on how feminist intersectional politics can be mobilised to challenge structural violence perpetrated by capitalist and Western ideology, Tracey Rose presents a puppet play, titled Muschis mit Schwänzen, in Germany (7 January).  The script is an edited version of the comment section of video interview with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in which the Nigerian writer responds to the question, ‘what is Feminism?’

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