ruby onyinyechi amanze

Selected Works

ruby onyinyechi amanze
Chasing relentlessly after fading things - The Birth of BLACK, audre marries its indigenous self - Shadows validate existence (ada and Twin find ground), 2014
Pencil, ink, pens, photo transfers, collage
203 x 528.5 cm
ruby onyinyechi amanze
kisses at a beach with a hammock for audre [to learn to pray], 2014
Graphite, ink, colored pencils, fluorescent acrylic, photo transfers
243.84 x 182.88 cm
ruby onyinyechi amanze
Kin folk (Part A), 2015
Graphite, ink, photo transfers, colored pencils and metallic enamel
127 x 96.52cm
ruby onyinyechi amanze
Either way, you'll be in a pool of something, 2015
Graphite, ink and photo transfers
Work: 101.6 x 152.4 cm
ruby onyinyechi amanze
The way you think is like a wing, 2015
Graphite, ink, photo transfers and metallic enamel
Work: 127 x 96.5 cm
ruby onyinyechi amanze
[Twin]... the sky and an ocean are the same, 2015
Graphite, ink, photo transfers, colored pencils, metallic enamel and resin
96.52 x 127cm