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mounir fatmi on group show in Texas and Japan’s Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale

The Ellen Noel Art Museum in Texas will play host to the travelling group show Cut Up/Cut Out, which includes work by mounir fatmi (19 July – 14 October). The exhibition includes an international roster of artists who incorporate decorative piercing and cutting into their work through various media such as paper, plastic, rubber and in fatmi’s case, metal. Concurrently in Japan, fatmi will be one of fifty artists selected to create site-specific artwork for the 7th Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale (29 July – 17 September).

mounir fatmi’s first solo exhibition in Sweden

The Göteborgs Konsthall presents mounir fatmi’s first solo show in Sweden, titled 180° Behind Me (8 June – 16 September). Dealing with the multifaceted character of the written word, the works included on the exhibition expose the layers of interpretation and re-interpretation that make up our histories. Several of the works in the exhibition integrate Arabic calligraphy, both as language and patterns; looking at the beauty of words, and their power to both bring together and shatter, is consistently present in fatmi’s practice.

mounir fatmi on group exhibition in Poland

mounir fatmi participates in a group exhibition, titled Motherland in Art, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Poland (27 April – 30 September). According to the exhibition’s curatorial statement, ‘Contemporary artists have long adopted the model of a global motherland. They communicate in the global language of images and move between living in different countries with ease, in each finding fodder for their imagination… Their works become all the richer for acquiring the added flavour of the new “motherlands”’. In asking the participating artists what the ‘motherland’ might mean to them, the exhibition raises pertinent concerns about the possibilities and troubles associated with the dream of a universal nation state.

mounir fatmi on exhibition about Arab music in Paris

Work by mounir fatmi is included on the Cité de la Musique’s first-ever exhibition, titled Al Musica, dedicated to Arabic music (6 April – 19 August). Oragnised by the Philharmonie de Paris,the exhibition celebrates the richness of Arabic heritage and the creativity of contemporary artists, all of whom are from one of the 22 countries which make up the Arab world. The exhibition features material from musical instruments to music album covers, paintings and calligraphy, as well as photographs, travel diaries, comics and rare sound archives. In exhibiting the diverse range of works together, the exhibition offers an unique visual and sound journey to its viewers.

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    Dak'Art 2010: Looking back, facing forward? by J. Bouwhuis & K. Winking (217.8 KB)

    Mounir Fatmi / Whitehot Magazine / New York / 16 January 2010

    Mounir Fatmi at Galerie Hussenot by Blaire Dessent (610 KB)

    A grassy, rectangular church / Art South Africa / Winter 2010

    A grassy, rectangular church by James Sey (2.7 MB)