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Mounir Fatmi in Geneva

Mounir Fatmi’s Permanent Exiles is a mid-career retrospective bringing together 25 sculptures, installations and films produced since the opening decade of the millennium. According to the gallery statement the exhibition ‘tackles issues of discontinuity, physical and mental detachment and the vulnerability they cause.’ At the Musee d’art Moderne et Contemporaine in Geneva, Switzerland until 10 May

Goodman Gallery at Art Basel Miami Beach

The Goodman Gallery attends Art Basel Mail Beach from the 4th to 7th of December at the Miami Convention centre, exhibiting the works by Willem Boshoff, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Mounir Fatmi, Kendell Geers, Alfredo Jaar, William Kentridge, Liza Lou, Mikhael Subotzky, Hank Willis Thomas and Jeremy Wafer. This year’s Art Basel Miami Beach’s Art Public sector features work by Goodman Gallery artists Jaar and Thomas while young artists Haroon Gunn-Salie and Gerald Machona both have work on the film sector. Tracey Rose will present a continuous performance piece in the Positions sector where she will be represented by Dan Gunn.

Mounir Fatmi in Tours

The solo exhibition by Mounir Fatmi titled Walking on the Light shows at the Centre de Création Contemporaine in Tours, France, until in 18 January 2015. Group shows exhibiting the work of Fatmi into 2015 include the inaugural exhibition 1914-2014: One Hundred Years of Creation in Morocco at the Musée Mohammed VI in Rabat, Morocco that runs until June 2015; Le Maroc Contemporain at the Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, France that runs until 25 January, 2015; Memory, Place, Desire: Contemporary Art of the Maghreb and the Maghrebi Diaspora at the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, Haverford college, until 15 December and Entre Nosotros (Between us) that runs at the Centro de Arte y Technologia, in Zaragoza, Spain, until 28 February 2015.

Mounir Fatmi at Fotofest 2014 Biennial

mounir fatmi will take part in the 2014 Fotofest Biennial in Houston, Texas, under the title View From Inside: Contemporary Arab Video, Photography and Mixed Media Art. Forty-nine leading contemporary Arab artists living and working in 13 countries have been selected to participate in the principal exhibitions, curated by Karin Adrian von Roques and Wendy Watriss. The biennial takes place from 15 March – April 27 2014.

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Mounir Fatmi / La Gazelle / Habib Bourguiba / January - March 2014

Mounir Fatmi: L'art de la reconstruction (973 KB)

mounir fatmi / Millennium Film Journal / No. 54

My Father Has Lost His Teeth by mounir fatmi (3 MB)

mounir fatmi / Millennium Film Journal / No. 53

mounir fatmi's Abstracting Winds by Laura U. Marks (3.3 MB)

mounir fatmi / Drome Magazine No. 19 / Spring-Summer 2011

One More Minute of Sun by Barbara Polla (6.1 MB)

mounir fatmi / Art Absolument

Les Transformations Fondamentales by Pierre-Olivier Rollin (5.2 MB)

Dak'Art 2010 / Nafas Art Magazine / May 2010

Dak'Art 2010: Looking back, facing forward? by J. Bouwhuis & K. Winking (217.8 KB)

Mounir Fatmi / Whitehot Magazine / New York / 16 January 2010

Mounir Fatmi at Galerie Hussenot by Blaire Dessent (610 KB)

A grassy, rectangular church / Art South Africa / Winter 2010

A grassy, rectangular church by James Sey (2.7 MB)
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