Selected Works

Concrete Affection - Zopo Lady, 2014
One Channel Video

Concrete Affection - Zopo Lady, 2014
Installation with shipping crates
Dimensions variable
Under The Silent Eye of Lenin, 2017
Installation with wooden sculptures, nails, sand, feathers, textile, video and posters
Variable Dimensions
Corpo e Concreto , 2019
Inkjet print on matte paper
Image: 100 x 150 cm
Fachada Iliusória #1 , 2019
Inkjet print on matte paper
Image: 60 x 90 cm
In the Days of a Dark Safari #8, 2017
Inkjet print on cotton paper
Work: 93 x 140 cm
The Last Journey of the Dictator Mussunda N'zombo Before the Great Extinction (Act IV) , 2017
Inkjet print on cotton paper
150 x 225 cm
Havemos de Voltar (We Shall Return), 2017
Single-channel film
17 minutes 30 seconds
The bad guys and the good guys, 2010-2016
10 silkscreen prints
Variable Dimensions Work: 70 x 100 (each) cm
Astronomy Observatory, Namibe Desert, 2013
mounted on plexiglass (methacrylate) frame
120 x 80cm
Rusty Mirage (The City Skyline) , 2013
Installation with iron structure in the desert of Al-Azraq, Jordan | series of 8 images of the installation printed on cotton paper
100 x 70cm
Redefining The Power III (Serie 75 with Miguel Prince) , 2011
Impressão em papel matt sobre alumínio
80 x 120cm


Kiluanji Kia Henda (b. 1979 in Luanda, Angola) employs a surprising sense of humour in his work, which often hones in on themes of identity, politics, and perceptions of postcolonialism and modernism in Africa. Practicing in the fields of photography, video, and performance, Kia Henda has tied his multidisciplinary approach to a sharp sense of criticality. A profound springboard into this realm comes from growing up in a household of photography enthusiasts. Furthermore, his conceptual edge has been sharpened by immersing himself in music, avantgarde theatre, and collaborating with a collective of emerging artists in Luanda’s art scene. In complicity with historical legacy, Kia Henda realises the process of appropriation and manipulation of public spaces and structures, and the different representations that form part of collective memory, as a relevant complexion of his aesthetical construction.

His solo exhibitions have been held in galleries and institutions around the world. His work has featured on biennales in Venice, Dakar and São Paulo as well as major travelling exhibitions such as Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design and The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory revisited by Contemporary African Artists.

Kia Henda currently lives and works between Luanda and Lisbon.