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Jodi Bieber and Mikhael Subotzky on the World in London

Jodi Bieber and Mikhael Subotzky are participating in The World in London , organised by The Photographers’ Gallery and forming part of the London 2012 Festival, the finale of the Cultural Olympiad. The project presents portraits of Londoners by British and international photographers taken from 2009 to 2012. Each portrait shows a person or people from one of the 204 nations taking part in the London 2012 Games, accompanied by individual stories.The World in London is a celebration of Londoners and demonstrates photography’s ability to capture the human form in interesting and distinct ways. This summer you can see the exhibition in Central and East London. Victoria Park, London E3, Victoria Park, London E3. The exhibition runs from 27 July to 12 August 2012.

World Press Photo 11 travels to Cape Town

The 2011 World Press Exhibition will finally travel to South Africa, taking place at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town from 26 January–17 February 2012. Featured on the show is Jodi Bieber’s World Press Photo of the year 2011 – her iconic portrait of Bibi Aisha. There will also be a series of Photography Masterclasses and discussions presented as part of the 2012 Iziko Summerschool Program running from 4–17 February. Contact Jenny Altschuler for more information on 0829355522 or

Jodi Bieber, Real Beauty in Finland

Jodi Bieber’s Real Beauty series is currently being exhibited as part of “Africa in Oulu” – running from 24.9. 2011 – 8.1.2012, which is organised by Northern Photographic Centre, Oulu Museum of Art, Cultural House Valve and Provincial Library of Oulu. The exhibition is a satellite exhibition of ARS 11, organised by Contemporary Museum of Art Kiasma. Bieber’s Real Beauty exhibition is curated by Alla Räisänen and it is organised in co-operation with Oulu Museum of Art.

“This body of works entitled ‘Real Beauty’ has been inspired by a number of events," explains Bieber, “the primary being my own life. My forties have brought a feeling of more comfort within my own skin than when I was younger even though my body shape has shifted dramatically. This project is an extension of a Dove billboard advertising campaign in London showing ordinary women in their underwear advocating and speaking up for Real Beauty. Advertising campaigns don’t usually draw my attention, but this one did. A model sitting next to me on the way from London to Paris emphasised the extent to which Photoshop is used to enhance beauty. She was not in the least bit concerned about the rings under her eyes as these imperfections would easily be erased after her photoshoot. A BBC radio documentary spoke about an increase in the cases of black anorexic women in South Africa, as the full figured body which was once more favourable is no longer as desirable as Western body shapes.”

Various artists on Figures & Fictions at the V&A

Figures & Fictions: Contemporary South African Photography at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London featured works by some of the most exciting and inventive photographers living and working in South Africa today, including Goodman Gallery artists Jodi Bieber, Kudzanai Chiurai, Hasan & Husain Essop, David Goldblatt, Mikhael Subotzky and Nontsikelelo Veleko. The exhibition presented the vibrant and sophisticated photographic culture that has emerged in post-apartheid South Africa. The works that were on display respond to the country’s powerful rethinking of issues of identity across race, gender, class and politics. The photographs depict people within their individual, family and community lives, practicing religious customs, observing social rituals, wearing street fashion or existing on the fringes of society. All the photographers question what it is to be human at this time in South Africa.

The exhibition ran from 12 April to 17 July 2011.

Click Here to view the video From Black and White to Full Colour: a curator’s journey in which curator of Figures & Fictions, Tamar Garb, reflects on her Cape Town upbringing and the forthcoming show.

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Jodi Bieber / SA Jewish Report / South Africa / 5 April 2014

Jodi Bieber takes on the behemoth of Maleness by Robyn Sassen (214.2 KB)

Jodi Bieber / Culture / United States / 3 April 2014

Jodi Bieber: Quiet by Hans Aschim (302.3 KB)

Jodi Bieber / The Sunday Times / 8 August 2010

SA Photographer Shakes the World by Karen van Rooyen (719.6 KB)

Jodi Bieber / The New Yorker / 7 July 2010

Postcard from Soweto by Whitney Johnson (1.2 MB)

Jodi Bieber / Mail & Guardian / 14 June 2010

Jive Soweto by Matthew Krouse (399.2 KB)

Jodi Bieber / The Sunday Times /Johannesburg / South Africa / 30 March 2014

Brief Moments by Oliver Roberts (296.4 KB)

Jodi Bieber / The Saturday Star / Johannesburg / South Africa / 4 -5 April 2014

Photos Quietly Challenge Notions Of Male Identity by Paballo Thekiso (2 MB)

Jodi Bieber / The Star / Johannesburg / South Africa / 5 August 2010

Review of Soweto by Tshepo Tshabalala (1.8 MB)
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