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First French solo exhibition for Ghada Amer since 2000

The Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré – in Tours, France –​ hosts a solo exhibition for Ghada Amer, titled Dark Continent (2 June – 4 November); Amer’s​ first ​solo ​museum exhibition in France since 2000 and features a selection of paintings, sculptural works and two outdoor garden installations in its presentation. The title of the exhibition, curated by Elodie Stroecken, is a reference to The Question of Lay Analysis by Sigmund Freud, a text in which he wrote that ‘[t]he sexual life of adult women is a dark continent for psychology’.

Amer & Farkondeh, Chiurai and fatmi are selected for the DAK’ART Biennial 2018 in Senegal

Works by Ghada Amer and Reza Farkondeh, Kudzanai Chiurai and mounir fatmi feature on this year’s Biennale of Contemporary African Art hosted in Dakar, Senegal (3 May – 2 June). Marking the 13th edition of the biennial, the central theme of DAKART has been titled The Red Hour. According to Simon Njami, the principal curator, the theme refers to ‘the coming of age… the moment when one emancipates oneself from what has been… It is the hour of metamorphosis and transformation’.

Ghada Amer features on a group exhibition at the Speed Art Museum

Ghada Amer is one of seventeen artists, including Barbara Kruger and Kehinde Wiley, included on the Speed Art Museum’s latest group exhibition, titled Breaking the Mold, in Kentucky (7 April – 9 September). Drawing chiefly from the museum’s permanent collection, the exhibition explores depictions of gender identity through the body, dress, objects, and history. In so doing, Breaking the Mold addresses gender and sexuality through a multitude of perspectives; questioning how we define ‘ideal’ body types, gendered societal roles, how gender intersects with race and the perceived differences between male and female.

Ghada Amer included in new Phaidon book

Amer is included in Phaidon’s latest arts publication, Vitamin C: Clay and Ceramics in Contemporary Art. The book is a global survey of 100 of today’s most important artists working in ceramic and clay, a medium that has seen a resurgence in recent years. Amer’s ceramic works can be considered in two categories. The first, her slab-based works, use a flat surface of clay as a canvas on which to depict sexual scenes that echo those found in her drawings, prints and paintings. Female figures are rendered in colourful outlines over painterly patches of coloured glaze. In contrast, the second category sees more sculptural, tactile objects taking form, as if the artist has prodded, stretched, folded or knotted lumps of clay.

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    Ghada Amer at Villa Datris

    Work by Ghada Amer features on the exhibition Sculptrices at Villa Datris, L’Isle-sur-Sorgue, France. The exhibition invites visitors to discover the world of sculpture by women artists and includes 60 artists, with more than 80 works, including twenty installed in the sculpture garden of the Villa Datris. The exhibition runs from 28 April to 11 November 2013.