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David Goldblatt at Marian Goodman Gallery Paris

Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris, presents David Goldblatt’s series Structures, one of the major body of works by the artist described by the writer Nadine Gordimer as “an extraordinary visual history of a country and its people.” Since the 1980s Goldblatt has been travelling across South Africa photographing monuments and buildings, public or private, secular or religious, built from the Colonial era with the idea that the architecture reveals something about the people who built them. Black and white photographs from the series taken in the 80s and 90s were shown in an exhibition at MoMA in 1998 entitled South Africa : The Structure of Things Then. Since then Goldblatt has taken new images of buildings built after the Apartheid. The opening reception will provide the opportunity to launch the book Photographers’ References: David Goldblatt, a collection of conversations between Goldblatt and Baptiste Lignel. From September 6 to October 18.

Goldblatt in Minneapolis

Until February 10 2015 the Perlman Gallery of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) presents a selection of photographs from 1973 to 2014 by David Goldblatt. Titled New Pictures 10: David Goldblatt, Structures of Dominion and Democracy,” the photographs explore, “the quiet and commonplace, where nothing ‘happens’, and yet all is contained and immanent,” according to Goldblatt. The exhibition is loosely divided among Goldblatt’s photography before and after 1991. “The photographs exhibited,” writes Goldblatt of his exhibition at the MIA, “are from these two separate yet intimately connected bodies of work.” Goldblatt will make his first appearance in Minnesota on October 2 to discuss his exhibition.

David Goldblatt wins ICP Infinity Lifetime Achievement award

The International Center of Photography (ICP) recognised David Goldblatt for the Lifetime Achievement award at the 29th Annual Infinity Awards gala event on Wednesday, May 1, 2013, at Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers, in New York City. Goldblatt has produced numerous books and museum exhibitions of his work. His work was included in ICP’s exhibition, The Rise and Fall of Apartheid.

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Joel Andrianomearisoa, mounir fatmi, Kendell Geers & David Goldblatt at The Menil Collection

Bringing together the work of over twenty artists – including Joel Andrianomearisoa, mounir fatmi, Kendell Geers and David Goldblatt – The Progress of Love at The Menil Collection in Houston considered how technology, economic systems, and other forces have shaped ideas about love and their expression. In doing so, the exhibition seeks to ask what part of love is universal? What part is timeless and what is a cultural construct? The exhibition ran from 2 December 2012 to 17 March 2013.

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David Goldblatt / City Press / Johannesburg / 27 July 2014

Fine china for charity by Percy Mabandu (234.8 KB)

David Goldblatt / Design indaba / South Africa / 5 March 2014

David Goldblatt on life through lens by Design Indaba (254 KB)

David Goldblatt / ARTNews / United States of America / 9 April 2012

Things Fall Apartheid by Robin Cebalist (512.1 KB)

David Goldblatt / Mail & Guardian / Johannesburg / 2-8 November 2012

Exploration of mining taps into rich seams by Rory Bester (623 KB)

David Goldblatt / The Guardian / United Kingdom / 9 November 2012

Feeling the heat: Photography under apartheid by Roger Tooth (131.6 KB)

David Goldblatt / Mail & Guardian / Johannesburg / 17 September 2010

Shot on the spot by Shaun de Waal (7.4 MB)

David Goldblatt / Mail & Guardian / Johannesburg / 29 April 2010

David Goldblatt's clear-eyed view of apartheid by Ann Levin (171.7 KB)

David Goldblatt / Marie Claire / South Africa / October 2010

More than black and white by Aspasia Karras (8.1 MB)

David Goldblatt / Sunday Independent / South Africa / 17 October 2010

Haunted by the past by Mary Corrigall (2.8 MB)

David Goldblatt / Sunday Times / South Africa / 26 September 2010

Posers by Sunday Times Lifestyle (5.4 MB)

David Goldblatt / The Jewish Daily Forward / United States / 9 May 2010

A Lens on Apartheid's Haunting Legacy by Donald Weber (5.2 MB)

David Goldblatt / The New York Review / New York / 2 - 19 September 2010

South Africa; The Truth Teller by Joseph Lelyveld (2.5 MB)

David Goldblatt / The Times / South Africa / 8 October 2010

Goldblatt's old and new by Jackie May (1.8 MB)
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