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Alfredo Jaar and Kendell Geers on group show at MAXXI Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo, Rome

Kendell Geers and Alfredo Jaar are included on The Street. Where The World is Made, a group exhibition at Rome’s MAXXI Museum (7 December – 28 April). The exhibition explores, in the words of a press release, ‘the street as a continuously mutating manifesto of contemporary life, an element of connection but also of rupture, the setting for everyday experiences such as street festivals, improvised cinema or street food’. The work on the exhibition includes a variety of mediums including performances and site-specific interventions displayed in a series of galleries that help bolster the curatorial concept by mimicking a street.

Alfredo Jaar at the 12th Shanghai Biennale

After being featured on the 2018 edition of Basel Unlimited, Jaar’s A Hundred Times Nguyen travels to the 12th Shanghai Biennale in Huangpu (10 November – 10 March). The 12th Shanghai Biennale presents works by 67 artists and artist groups from 26 countries, including 20 from China, 31 from Asia, and is also the first time, in the biennale’s history, in which works by Latin American artists are shown on a large scale.

Jaar on show which explores the history and evolution of the monochrome

Jaar’s May 1st, 2011 is mounted on a group exhibition, titled The Monochrome Revisited, currently on view at the Jean-Paul Najar Foundation in Dubai (25 October – 28 February). Inspired by Marcia Hafif’s text ‘Beginning Again’, published in Artforum in 1978, the exhibition explores the history and evolution of the monochrome and looks at how artists have engaged with the art form.

Alfredo Jaar on group shows at MET Breuer, Draiflessen Collection, and LagosPhoto

Alfredo Jaar’s Manhattan’s Milosevic is on view at the Met Breuer as part of Everything is Connected: Art and Conspiracy (until 6 January). The group exhibition explores the ‘hidden operations of power’ within Western democracies by presenting an alternate history of postwar and contemporary art that is also an archaeology of our troubled times. Jaar’s work also appears on across boundaries at the Draiflessen Collection (14 October – 27 January), a group exhibition which pairs various maps from history alongside artworks by contemporary international artists who ‘examine the cartographic depiction of space or the influence of maps on our view of the world.’ In addition, Jaar is featured on the 9th edition of the LagosPhoto Festival (27 October – 15 November). Titled Time Has Gone, this year’s festival explores how the past, present and the future interact within the medium of photography.

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    "Artists are Thinkers" : Alfredo Jaar on creating new ways of Looking at the World by Coline Milliard (272.2 KB)

    Alfredo Jaar / Blouin Artinfo / New York / 21 November 2012

    "Artists are thinkers": Alfredo Jaar on creating new ways to look at the world by Colin Milliard (3.4 MB)

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