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Alfredo Jaar and Kiluanji Kia Henda on exhibition celebrating Karl Marx’s 200th birthday

Jaar’s September 15, 2011 and Kia Henda’s Karl Marx, Luanda are included on a group exhibition, Marx@200, circulated by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Carnegie Mellon University’s Humanities Center (6 April – 3 June). Commemorating Marx’s 200th birthday, and hosted in Pittsburgh’s SPACE Gallery, the exhibition features more than 25 works by various international artists who present a diverse range of perspectives on the theorist and his critique of inequality and capitalism, as well as Marx’s influence on political movements and regimes.

Alfredo Jaar at Berlin’s Hamburger Bahnhof museum

Jaar’s (Kindness) of (Strangers) forms part of the group exhibition, Hello World. Revisioning a collection., hosted by the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin (23 March – 19 August). The exhibition, conceptualised by Udo Kittelmann with guest curatorial input from various art professionals, serves as a critical inquiry into the collection of the Nationalgalerie and its predominantly Western focus. As such, Hello World. Revisioning a collection. asks the question, ‘[w]hat could the collection look like today, had an understanding characterised its concept of art, and consequently also its genesis, that was more open to the world?’ As a result, the exhibition places the focus on transnational artistic networks and cross-cultural entanglements from the late nineteenth century to the present. This provides points of departure wherein viewers are invited into an exploration of hidden stories and new perspectives on the collection and its history.

Alfredo Jaar on group exhibition at the Museo Jumex

Alfredo Jaar’s 1981 work, Studies on Happiness, Public interventions, forms part of the Museo Jumex’s group exhibition – Memories of Underdevelopment: Art and the Decolonial Turn in Latin America, 1960-1985 – currently on view in Mexico (22 March – 9 September). The exhibition examines a major paradigm shift in Latin American culture and visual arts produced during the early 1960s and the mid-1980s; a period characterised by the articulation of a counter-narrative to the dominant rhetoric of developmentalism and the emergence of decolonial thought in the artistic practices produced in the region.

Alfredo Jaar participates on an artist panel discussing the relationship between archives and sculpture

Jaar has been invited to speak on a panel discussion , moderated by Ben Davis at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas (6 March), looking at the ways in which artists work with documents, found and archived materials, and research to create sculptural work that considers particularly potent historic moments and issues, as well as the current political climate. Other panelists invited include Jill Magid, Paul Ramirez Jonas and lauren woods.

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